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To link your mobile number with your voter ID card in India, you can do so online through the Voter’s Service Portal or by visiting a Voter Service Centre (VSC) or Election Commission office.

voter cards + mobile number

Here are the rewritten steps for linking your mobile number with your voter ID on the Voters’ Services Portal

to link mobile number with voter cards follow this step Given Below:

  • Visit the ECI Website: Go to the official website of the Election commission of India.
  • Register on the Website: Click on ‘Login’ and then select ‘Don’t have an account, Register as a new user’.
  • Enter Details: Enter your mobile number and captcha displayed on the screen. Select the ‘Send OTP’ option to receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP.
  • Provide EPIC Number: Select the ‘I have EPIC number’ option. Enter your EPIC number from your Voter ID. If you don’t have an EPIC number yet, select ‘I don’t have EPIC number’ and provide your first name and last name.
  • Add Email Address: Enter your email address. Updates regarding your linking process will be sent to this email address.
  • Register: Once you have entered all the details, click on ‘Register’. Your mobile number will be linked with your Voter ID.

Following these steps will help you link your mobile number with your voter ID on the NVSP website.

Advantages of Linking Mobile Number with Voter ID:

There are several advantages to linking your mobile number with your voter ID:

  • Receive Important Updates: You will receive important updates and information related to elections, voter registration, polling stations, and other electoral activities directly on your mobile phone.
  • Verify Voter Registration: Linking your mobile number helps verify your voter registration status and ensures that your contact information is up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Security: It adds an additional layer of security to your voter ID details, reducing the risk of unauthorized changes or misuse.
  • Convenient Communication: Election authorities can easily communicate with you regarding voter verification, polling dates, and other election-related matters.
  • Facilitates Voter Verification: During elections, your mobile number can be used for quick verification at polling stations, streamlining the voting process.
  • Participate in Voter Education Programs: You can receive information about voter education programs and initiatives to promote voter awareness and participation.

Overall, linking your mobile number with your voter ID helps ensure a smoother and more efficient electoral process.

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